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Hi, I have a ZenFone 7 Pro which was purchased 18.mar.2021 (13 months old). Since the last patch update ( I have a problem with the battery which is draining fast. Since I purchased the phone I only charged it slow, and I used it in performance mode .. it kept me about 24 hours and overnight when it was not used, i think it consumed about 5-10% tops. So, I ran some tests .. I re-calibrated the battery as I found it on another post on this forum, and I switched to balanced battery mode. The phone was charged at about 22:30 in the evening 100%. Mobile data and wifi on, in the morning at about 8:00 I had 31% left. Mobile data on, wifi off .. 58%, Mobile data off, wifi on 51%. It's not normal for an one year battery to be drained this high in stand by mode .. doing nothing .. when will there be another update? Hopefully this problem will be solved with the update. Meanwhile, any other advice?


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    This could be an issue of the update... I've noticed this strange drain only in the first day of update, then all fine. But the battery drain juice differently day by day, from the usage you made to cut it short. I have the same device. I use balanced mode for everyday usage and sometimes performance mode for gaming and bench. I use auto Refresh rate (it helps the battery a lot), slow night charge (as you do) and other stuff that needs to be known. Only thing i use and maybe not anyone care about... Is the autostart of the apps in the device care of asus, the deep clean setting. Doing this you will freeze the apps that autostart when you don't need them , this helps the stand by (excluding the important ones you use , like socials, emails and etc.). In this way i got almost 6 h of Sot every day with a good 25/30 % juice left. Sometimes i reach 8/9 h of sot in 2 day usage. Btw in the night stand by (with wi fi off and data on) mine drain from 3 to 5 %.

  • I had exactly the same problem and I had nothing to do, I tried everything, I installed android 10, I reset the phone to factory settings, nothing worked.. about 1 month it was draining non stop, but it fixed itself somehow and now I have no problems at all. It drained up to 50% per night in idle (check the screenshot in the post below). The problem fixed itself, without any software update. I still don't know what caused it, but I'm glad it was fixed. Now it uses 2-3% per night.

  • First of all, @Van_Franzen and @alexandru.sarau thank you for you comments and replies. What I cand see at a glance is that 3-5% is very very different from 40-50%, this being what I am experiencing .. I was hoping for an answer from what I presume to be ASUS representatives here on the forun, but who knows, maybe they will get to my post in the end ... The common part in both your stories is that it fixed itself, how or why .. don't know .. a miracle :) .. I will try to be patient and wait maybe for more comments, but if nothing works, most likely I will use the warranty service because it's absolutely ridiculously what's happening. Thanks again, and thanks in advance for new and pertinent comments.

  • No problem mate. I fully understand the frustration of having a smartphone and it doesn't work as expected. From a 5000mha battery It's pretty decent to bhe honest. One last try is to set the display to 60 hz... (If you don't care about 90hz ) btw yes... Mine doesn't have a specific power consumption to make a clear statistic XD. Anyway yes for some reason it's like these Asus needs time to get power efficient. Just like the system needs to adapt. (I also have a Zen 8 Flip and it's the same story). Sometimes it could be an app and needs to be optimized in the app settings. Check the option "detect battery draining apps" in battery settings, it can help to understand if it's an app or the whole Android system.

    I'll leave a screenshot of my battery settings. Hope it can help ✌️

  • yeah, I wanted to go at warranty service too because it's not normal at all to drain so much battery doing nothing and all of a sudden. It is clearly a problem. I don't know if it's a software probleme because I reset to factory settings, I installed other versions of android and it did the same, before I had no problem with the battery, it changed overnight. I don't know what causes this drain, but it's not normal. Go to the service and see what they can do for you, but as I said earlier, if it was a software problem, when you go back to factory settings.. it would normally be fixed.. and if it was hardware, it wouldn't fix itself as mine did, so it's too strange.🤔

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    FINAL RESOLUTION: in the end, I made a factory settings reset, and with no apps installed, the battery consumption was 10% / hour .. so i took it to the warranty service. First, they changed the battery, and the consumption was the same. After that they analyzed the motherboard and changed it in the end .. i took it out of the service yesterday and so far it looks good .. hope it will remain like this.

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