Where are the Rog Phone 6 and Zenfone 9?

Isn't Asus late to introduce its new phones? rog phone 5 march 10 zenfone 8 may 12 why haven't new models been released yet?


  • they didnt want to have another fiasco like with Rog5 and ZF8, I for one welcome to time for quality control.

  • If ASUS takes time to improve the quality & availability of smartphones which will launching next, I support them for this better works. 👍

    But the sad reality is - availability of ASUS smartphone are very very worst. ZenFone series are not available in all countries. Although availability of ROG phones are good, but every smartphone users are not gamers.

    👉In USA, only Zenfone 8 was launch, 8 flip was not launch.

    👉In my country India, ASUS properly launched Zenfone 6 ( aka ASUS 6z) in 2019. They totally skipped ZenFone 7 series in 2020. In May 2021 they promised ZenFone 8 series in India, their launching site (provided in Dinesh's tweet👇)

    shows both the models (ZF8 compact & ZF8 Flip). Unfortunately, ASUS launched only Zenfone 8 compact (aka ASUS 8z) in February 2022 i.e. after 8-9 months from global launch.

    #️⃣If any body from ASUS-India in this forum , I request you ,pls..... don't do this again 🙏

    properly bring all models at right time. We are die hard fan of ASUS's Flip Camera Mechanism.

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    I also live in Turkey, asus bought their phones here after the Zenfone 5z, there are many people who want to come, but there is no return.

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    This time they really mishandled the launch. Even many tech reviewers refused to review the phone just because of it. Still, I bought the phone, because there are no alternatives. It's not that only Asus did it, other brands did it too. Only difference is they launched it with a newer name (Iqoo 9 in India is basically rebranded version Iqoo 8). Oneplus delayed the launch of Oneplus 9 RT (it wasn't as delayed as Zenfone but still launched with Android 11). Similarly many phones launched with Android 11 and a gen old Snapdragon 888 just like that. If Asus was more creative with their branding, they could have gotten away with the backlash.

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