Overheating after Android 12 update

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  1. Model Name: Rog phone
  2. Rooted or not: not rooted

At 10.04.22 date i get android 12 at first look everything is fine but when i start play games or do some other thing the phone get very hot ... Also at CoD mobile now i get 46-47 degrees at medium settings 90 fps also i have big drops in the fps

Before the update i didnt get more than 42-43 degreese and the fps was more stable 83-90

Also i try other settings in armory crate to get better fps and normal temperature but nothing help

The problem is not only in this game i play mobile legends , pubg there the problem whit the fps and the temperature is the same also i notice this that the temperature rise faster after the upgrade to android 12 also i play at normal home temperature

After the update the settings of armory crate are the same i thing this is sofware bug and i feel disappointed now becouse i buy the phone before 3 weeks


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