Asus Zenfone 8 always occur Echoing sound while having phone calls in speaker mode



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    This is my second hardware issue with this device (had to get it replaced after the compass failed).

  • Update:- Had RMA my Zenfone 8 phone to official Asus Service Centre at my area, and had even explained to them on the echoing problem plus video. They came back to me and said that there is no problem with my phone, but I insisted that the echoing problem is there.

    I tried to tell them why not use that phone and we try some conversation on call in speaker mode. but they just ignored me and return my Zenfone 8 without even noticing me.

    this makes me sad on how Asus Service Centre ignored their customer and just return the device without fixing and trying to understand your customer on what is the real problem.

    after I got back my zenfone 8, and the bloody problem is still there, having echoing problem while using loud speaker on a call. 😡 =.=

    Finally, my advice is that if you really using a lot of speaker mode on a call, just DON'T buy this phone, you will regret it.

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    Well, I also had my problem not fixed after first repair (even that they changed motherboard). But after that I contacted with ASUS (wrote them a complaint) and send phone for repair second time. And it was fixed.

    I recommend you to contact with ASUS support and ask them to control your (next) repair. At least it helped me with my repair here (RU).

  • What exately was the issue? What component needs to be replaced?

  • Guys, my echo seems to be gone. I manualy cleaned all the microphones. Today I've tested calls via 4G, 5G and vo WiFi. I have also got update *.89. Dont know what helped and If helped. That could be temporary state but for now it is preety ok.

    Test how it works on your side.


  • agavenas9agavenas9 Level 1

    Just friday I got my zenfone8 from warranty, they changed subboard, but problem is not fixed. I was without my phone for a month and the problem is not fixed. What I should do next? I like this phone, but with this echoing is useless, because all my calls is on loudspeaker and nobody can talk with me

  • CyslawoCyslawo Level 2

    I always say to the people, that now I'm gona use hand mode and they will hear huge echo, but I'm telling them just to don't pay attention for this and keep talking. Worst thing is that microphone sensitivity is very bad and i have to yelling in hand mode.

  • dron39dron39 Level 2

    First time I received phone from service - it was the same. THen I complained to asus customer service and they asked me to send phone to service again with control from their side. Second time I received phone from service - everything was good with MIC. :)

  • dron39dron39 Level 2

    Have no idea. First time they changed motherboard. Second time display. Have no idea why they changed display, but my problem has gone after that.

  • You sure It has gone? My ZF8 without service intervention can work ok for a week then echo strikes listener again🤦

  • dron39dron39 Level 2

    Yes. Initially I had echo in speaker mode and with bluetoth audio in my car. After first repair (replace of motherboard) problem with echo in car gone, but remained in speaker mode. After second repair all problems with echo definitely gone away.

  • What kind of echo you faced? You were hearing echo, or the other side (the listener was hearing echo)?

  • dron39dron39 Level 2

    For me after purchase, after first repair and now after second repair everything were always good. Only other side were complaining each time I use phone in my car or on speaker mode.

    It was every time that listener on the other side was listening himself, echo and strange robotic voices whn I switched call on "speaker" mode or use it in my car o BT Audio before first repair).

  • ChrisdudeChrisdude Level 1

    I get complains from the other side about the speaker mode as well. The quality is apparently pretty bad; robotic sound and cuts.

  • oxoxoxox Level 1

    I have a Zenfone 8 since yesterday, the speaker mode reception by the listener is very bad no matter what app or phone call. the latest update 31.1010.0411.113.

    also it keeps turning off at least 2 times last night and restarting at least 4 times today.

    I was only able to start it in the boot mode.

    I probably have to send it back, is strange nobody from support to comment since this speaker issue subject

  • When the compass failed? The same as in forum.xda-developers .com/t/compass-not-working.4332791/

    The board had to be replaced.

  • This thread is about "Echoing sound while having phone calls in speaker mode"

  • I was replying to your reply to my message.

    I don't have a solution to the speaker problem, I don't want to spend weeks with a replacement phone and have to reinstall all the apps and reconfigure all the settings (because they always wipe out the phone) just to (maybe) get this fixed.

    The latest software update mentions a few problems related to the microphone but not this one.

  • Same for me! When i put my phone to speaker mode, people always complain about bad audio quality and ask to come closer to the phone even though i am already very close and almost yelling into the thing.

    Would be lovely if the asus team can find a solution for this, because i like to use speaker mode all the time.

    Latest version of software is running

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