Phone restarts when trying to make screenshot

When pressing 'Screenshot' button located on Task Switcher (recent apps), the System UI crashes and phone restarts.

Firmware version 31.1010.0410.43, Android 12, System locale: Bulgarian.


  • @atanasuzunov I will send you insutrctions on how to log your device.

  • @atanasuzunov We're fixing this in a future update. Short term fix is to change system language to English.

  • atanasuzunovatanasuzunov Level 1
    edited April 27

    Thanks, Gustav!

    Sorry, I haven't got enough time to perform your instructions in the PM. And to be honest I'm afraid to force again this kind of crash/restart - the last time when this happened, a recovery mode was triggered during Android boot. Some user reported that after other multiple crash/restarts, the phone failed to boot at all.

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