ZenFone 8 Flip - Bootloop after update

dc101010dc101010 Level 1
edited April 7 in ZenFone 8 Flip

I initiated a system update and after the my phone restarted (for the update), it's stuck in a bootloop.

After I enter my SIM PIN, the screen will flash once or twice and then restart. Upon restart, I'm told my data is corrupted and I have the choice of trying again or resetting my data.

I don't want to lose my data, what can I do?


  • @dc101010 Did you initiate the system update manually using a firmware package from our support website, or through FOTA?

    If you're stuck in a bootloop, you can try holding down the power button + volume down button for several seconds until the device restarts. This should hopefully kick you out of the bootloop.

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