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Does this device work with a LINUX Distribution (MX by example)?


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    I have a zenbook duo UX482, my OS is Windows 11, but I also have a Linux Ubuntu VM, working flawlessly, in this laptop. So I don't see a problem installing a Linux version (don't know about MX ver) as a first or second boot up OS.

  • Also the second screen? In the future we will use zenbooks duo with Linux MX as first and windows 11 as second boot up OS ... we would that we can switch between MX and windows 11

    We have tested a lot of LINUX Distributions. MX seems to be a good choice.

  • nice zenbooks good choice.

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    As I told you, I'm running linux in VM (virtual Machine), so I've windows bellow it and linux runs windowed, so didn't test the second screen. Anyway, and this is just what I think, the screen pad+ is like a second monitor attached on to your laptop, but Asus tweaked it with screenpad plus software to have the goodies and other stuff, the point is I think that if you install linux as a boot up OS version the screen pad will act as a normal second screen of the laptop, and I think you'll be able to choose from mirrored or extended.

  • I do wonder if you will have any control over brightness or touch screen on the secondary screen however. The driver for brightness in Windows uses Asus Screenpad software. I do not know how Linux handles having two in-built displays or how it can adjust brightness on two different displays.

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