New Zenfone 8 lost previous SMS/MMS messages in a thread after new MMS arrives.

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Just got the Zenfone 8 (Android 11) and transferred all my previous text messages over to this device. There was a group message thread (myself and two others) that had both SMS and MMS messages. A new MMS message arrived to that thread this morning with another arriving shortly thereafter and now all the previous messages are nowhere to be seen on this device. Is this normal behavior for this device? How can I recover the messages that are now missing from this thread?



  • Upon further review it appears that any previous group messages have moved (or merged) to individual threads between myself and other users. The good news is that all the messages are still there The bad news is that in many cases they have lost all context. My wife and I have group messages with several family members and friends. Now all my wife's messages and replies are in a single jumbled thread. Is this unique behavior to my device or is this a common problem?

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