How to turn on air trigger

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How to turn on air trigger in Asus Zenfone 8


  • excuse me?

    I think you misunderstood something boy

  • In the spec sheet, of Asus Zenfone 8/ says it has ultrasonic sensors to be used as "air triggers"..but am not able to find any opinion...or don't know how to turn it on

  • PhaGWiZPhaGWiZ Level 2

    you confused zenfone 8 and rog phone, the zenfone 8 does not have air triggers

  • Hi sharmamridul1999,

    ASUS 8Z doesn't come with Air triggers. Please share the source.


  • That's an error on Asus' end. They copy pasted the data given for the ROG 5.

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