Any chance for BIOS update to allow disabling fTPM?

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  1. System: Windows 10 64-bit
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Model: Zephyrus G15 GA503QS
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Random
  5. Reset OS: Too Many Times
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:Hello, since AMD have officially acknowledged the fTPM stutter issues that have been plaguing me since getting my laptop, would it be possible for ASUS to release a new version of my laptop's BIOS that allows me to disable fTPM until and if an actual fix arrives? I know AMD claims to have something in the works but it still requires waiting at least until May, and even then it might not even work in the end. In any case I'd like to be able to disable fTPM, I don't think it's right to force it on me.

Unfortunately the support in my country is a complete travesty (they still ignore the fTPM issue even though it's been in news media and AMD themselves said the issue exists, in fact before the issue got official recognition they went as far as trying to convince me that 1. my laptop doesn't have any TPM and 2. that AMD chipsets don't support TPM in general) so I can't get any assistance from them.


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    You know what BIOS my Laptop has, why are you wasting my time?

    Notice the lack of Trusted Computing you should know already isn't there.

    And before you tell me to check the Security tab

    Nothing about TPM, and Windows still had working TPM with Secure Boot Control disabled, so clearly it's not related.

    Please contact your BIOS folk and tell them to add the Trusted Computing option to my BIOS.

  • Hi there,

    We already forward this request to related department for the future improvement.

    Thank you.

  • HamstrayHamstray Level 1

    Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

  • kb9gxkkb9gxk Level 1

    Secure boot and TPM or fTPM are two different things. Boot into windows, right click the start menu, click run, type "tpm.msc" and give a screenshot of what it shows for the TPM status.

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    I know they're two different things by this point. I won't bother giving a tpm.msc screenshot because the people at ASUS know (or should know) that this model has fTPM, so they know my laptop has it.

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    So it's been over 2 weeks now, any news?

    I need to be able to disable ftpm. Even if by some chance my stutters aren't caused by the ftpm, I can't find out unless I can disable it and see if I still get stutters. I need that BIOS update.

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    Hello? Anything?

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    Hi there,

    After further discussion, for now we don't update BIOS to add disable fTPM function.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    But this is recorded and to see have the resource to update BIOS in the future.

    We appreciate you share your valuable opinion to us.

    Thank you.

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    This is ridiculous, fTPM is an optional feature that has been admitted to be able to cause issues with regular use of my computer. To have no plans to allow me to disable it is just terrible service on ASUS's part.

    There is no reason for you to force this possibly defective feature on me and every reason to let me turn it off, even if we ignore the stutter issues (which we won't).

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    This isn't me asking for some neat cool feature, this is me asking to be allowed to have my computer work as it should. You're basically telling me 'we at ASUS have no plans to let you fix your computer at this time'.

    Your company is just terrible. It's unbelievable how little ASUS cares about their customers that they hear about such an issue and the response is 'eh, whatever'

    And this is after years (according to other ASUS laptop users talking about the stutters) of entirely ignoring your customers when they complained about this issue instead of trying to figure out what might be the cause. Imagine how quickly AMD would have found out the source of the issue and started working on a solution if instead of ignoring your customers and telling them all it must be something they're doing (such as god forbid, installing games on their gaming laptops) you actually tried to give proper technical support.

    Not that AMD is much better, since when I asked them about the fTPM issue before it blew up in computer news media they lied and claimed to have done tests that found nothing. But hey, I already decided to do my best not to buy any more AMD-based computers if I can, and ASUS's response to official acknowledgement of the fTPM issue existing has cemented my decision not to buy or recommend ASUS to anyone ever again. This whole ordeal has just completely sapped my previously very high regard for this company.


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    I'd really like to know ASUS's rationale for not allowing this laptop model to disable TPM. It's known to cause issues, and the idea is unreasonable enough that you didn't even realize at first that this model's BIOS doesn't allow it.

    Why doesn't ASUS want me to be able to fix the stutters?

  • Hi there,

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Meanwhile I will forward this issue and check with our engineer team regarding the AMD shutter issue.

    If there is any update, I will let you know ASAP.

    Thank you.

  • HamstrayHamstray Level 1

    Yeah sadly at this point I'm not expecting much.

    I will be eager to hear why ASUS doesn't need to let me have a properly working computer but I can't demand a refund/proper compensation though, so do keep me posted.

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    Hey Hamstray,

    I have the asus G15 3070 (GA503QR) and i have the stuttering issue also. i tried everything i found on reddit: deleting a particular folder from armory crate, changing the wireless power saving mode editing the register to no avail. the problem persisted horribly and then is when i found out about this fTPM issue that AMD has acknowledged in an statement. It seems they won't have the code ready until May but here is something else i tried and it has improved the stuttering (particularly while on battery and simple tasks like writing code and listening to music). download the latest mediatek card drivers from here (search google: 'asus forum mediatek driver' and click on the rog asus forum link to find the latest [this forum won't let me post the link as a new user]), then delete the ones installed in your G15 including previously saved drivers(there is an option to 'check' while you are uninstalling) and then install the one you downloaded from the ROG forum. This problems seems related to some sort of latency issue between the processor and the operating system using fTPM which is also aggraviated by really bad drivers from mediatek part. This will not solve the stuttering during demanding games since i still experience them while playing Jedi Fallen Order but at least it will hopefully address the absurd stuttering during video and music playback particularly on battery. This is still present while on AC power and using Zoom with screen sharing, the processor can't handle the load with the timings and starts stuttering, you can go into your Nvidia settings and select dGPU to execute Zoom and/or any other application you use and think your proocessor is struggling with.

    I stand with you on this issue and i hope ASUS listens to our requests and implements a solution once AMD provides their own to all vendors. This is a pretty widespread issue and not only on this laptop but for many desktop users as well.

    btw, are u also experiencing the random touchpad lag?? like 1 sec behind movement?


  • HamstrayHamstray Level 1

    Thanks for the suggestion, though I'm just gonna keep updating my drivers through MyASUS/Windows Update for now. ASUS likes to blame these issues on my drivers not being up-to-date or using the wrong version even though I've always made sure to get the latest as I do above, last thing I need is for them to not be lying in one case.

    As for touchpad lag, no clue, I use a mouse all the time. Also my stuttering is completely random and unrelated to computer load. I've played demanding games for hours without seeing a hitch at times, meanwhile suffering multiple stutters as I watched youtube videos in one day (though multiple stutters in one day has been rare in general).

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    So it's nearing mid-May and I've seen talk of beta versions of BIOS that include the AMD fix for the fTPM issue. Did AMD send out the fix and ASUS started incorporating it in new BIOS? And when can we expect to see it in the BIOS for our laptops?

    Also I once again want to know why you don't want to allow us to disable fTPM completely rather than hang our hopes on AMD's attempts at fixing the issue. I've heard they used to have some kind of issue with their USB ports that after a long time of ignoring they finally claimed they fixed it with some new update, then ignored any future complaints over the same issue because they supposedly fixed it. I don't want this to possibly happen to me too with this fTPM issue.

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    I see now that the awful service I got in my country is simply them following the international ASUS rulebook, and you're in the 'wait for 2 requests for updates before responding' phase here as well. Cool.

    So I repeat - I want a status update concerning a laptop BIOS patch implementing AMD's attempted fixing of the fTPM stutter, and I also want an explanation as to why ASUS doesn't want to let me disable fTPM

  • Hi there,

    I am asking our team to check with BIOS team when we can get the update BIOS.

    When I get the confirm release schedule, I will let you know.

    Sorry for the inconvinience.

    Thank you.

  • HamstrayHamstray Level 1
    edited May 13

    And I'm sure you'll coincidentally get the confirmation in a week or two right after I ask for an update yet again (maybe twice), I know the deal

    e: your post with a confirmed release schedule also better include an explanation as to why ASUS doesn't want me to be able to disable fTPM

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