Android 12 (. 107) screen brightness problem

slide84slide84 Level 1
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Same problem as this thread ( with latest available release (. 107) and after factory reset.

Problem is the screen remains at low brightness level even with lots of ambient light and despite the toggle showing >80%.


  • MekaninMekanin Level 1

    Same here, my zenfone 8 screen is too dim/dark after android 12 update

  • djstfdjstf Level 1

    Yes I have this too, it can take a lot longer to find the correct brightness when going outside.

  • MekaninMekanin Level 1

    Dear @Irene2_ASUS Maybe put this issue to the next fix or update patch. It's really annoying when ZF8 have a beautiful super amoled screen (A11, before update) but now the brightness is too dark after android 12 update.


  • I have a similar issue where the brightness will take a while to adjust to daylight. For several seconds it is too dim, but it does eventually catch up. It is slower to adjust in Android 12.

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