Android 12 Update Wi-Fi/Hot-spot problems

RavainRavain Level 1
edited April 21 in ZenFone 8

So I had Android 12 Update for my Zenphone 8 yesterday, everything was working fine until we had power shortage and I've turned on hotspot for my tablet, later I couldn't turn it off or access internet options, settings app was freezing or not showing up at all. Now I have to reset my phone to get wifi connection back, hotspot is turned off, works for maybe 20 minutes and same errors happen, settings freeze, phone takes few minutes to get LTE connection back instead of now not working Wi-Fi. The thing is I had my mobo replaced already in the service when phone got bricked before, I'm not fond of sending it to service again and I want fully functioning, stable Android 12, revert would be sad. Any ideas?


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