Performance - system modes [A12]

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Does [Dynamic] system mode actually do anything "dynamic"?

After Android 12 OTA

update (31.1004.0404.107) I have run geekbench test and got following results:

High Performance: 1113/3569

Dynamic: 757/2492

It seems that there is nothing dynamic in [Dynamic] system mode. It just throtles performance to something a little above snap 855 level (which is still more than enough for everyday tasks). I thought that it will adjust device performance depending on tasks - seems it is not the case. Or maybe it enables full performance in some selected tasks, e.g. camera?

It shows for me that selecting snap 888 for this device was a bad idea. snap 865/870 would be more than enough. Faster storage have better impact on performance that processor IMO.

BTW. Android 12 update is good so far - at least in my case

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