Thunderbolt docking station connectivity issues

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  1. System: Windows 11
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Model: ASUS TUF DASH F15 FX516PR,327 (Bios)
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Constantly
  5. Reset OS: Done
  6. Screenshot or video: Not available


Detailed description:

Hi, I bought a F15 computer to use at my home office for gaming. We have a setup with a HP Thuderbolt 120W G2 Dock, as we have several work computers and private computers we are changing on a daily basis. This have been working fine for several months now, but suddenly my ASUS computer seems to have trouble with the docking station. It gets connection and delivers PD through the thunderbolt connection, but seems like it is not getting full connection. I am not getting monitors, mouse, keyboard or anything else through the docking. I have tested this with several other computers and the dock seems to work fine. Works on my HP workstation, my wife Lenovo workstation and Macbook without any issues.

For the record this laptop have just been laying at the desktop. Not moved around. Never left house or even desk.

I have tried to reset OS without any luck.

Have tried to unistall driver and thunderbolt controller. Reinstall. without luck.

Seems like it is keeping to connect/disconnect. The overview in the thunderbolt control center is changing between HP G2 and Port 1. See attached screenshot. My initial thought was that the issue is with the docking station, but as it works fine with the 3 other computers we have in the household that does not seems likely.

Hopefully there are some tips on how to get this work.




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