Asus ROG 5 new update 3/16/2022, phone will not make calls

CastonjCastonj Level 1
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My phone is set to auto download new updates. I woke up today and my phone cannot make or receive calls anymore. I can text, the internet works fine (with wifi turned off). I reset the phone toggled airplane and it doesn't work.

Does anyone know how to rollback the update?


  • CastonjCastonj Level 1

    I fixed it myself with no help from ASUS!!

    It seems after an auto update some of my mobile settings changed. I started playing with it and found changing the preferred network type to 2G/3G my phone can make call again.

    The strange thing is I still have the 4G icon. I have run speedtests in the network and it is closer to 3G speeds.

    Looks like it works but I am somehow stuck with 3G speeds. I will probably upgrade to a 5G plan.

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