Rog Phone 5 Android 12 Review

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Battery life: Definitely DECREASED. Used to get 1.5 Hours SOT from 100% to 99%, now getting barely 40 minutes on Android 12.

Phone Temperature: Increased slightly. Not a good sign of course as phone is warm on Android 11 anyway.

Speaker quality: The same as android 11, very good, no change needed

UI: New UI looks fresh & clean, but, gets laggy at times, especially when exiting an app & going to app drawer, shows random flicker on screen. Themes are inconsistent too as a weird green tint appears in sub menus.

Bluetooth headset volume has been decreased SIGNIFICANTLY. Bluetooth earphones no longer loud like they used to be.

I will edit this post when I notice more issues/bugs.

Asus, you rushed this update, as you rush everything & it really shows. It's probably around 60% complete. Fix the damn battery drain & other issues I've mentioned above. This update should not have been released so early.

It's going to be a pain rolling back to android 11 as all data will be wiped, ridiculous!!!

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  • Hello,

    Where can I download. Any link?

  • Believe me just wait for OTA guys

  • 16 Firmware Rog 5 from March 2021 to March 2022 (+ firmware that is not on the Asus site that users got after returning from the service center, such as .83? or Firmware distributed and then removed)

    That is more than one Firmware per month and for a specific fix only introductions of new bugs, audio, charging, mobile network, armory create, performance, basic telephone functions existing on low-end devices, VoLTE, VoWiFi still unknown d 'Asus for most countries/carriers.

    Android 11 was released much more stable than Android 12, except, 1 year later it is even more buggy than when it was released on the Rog 5 and probably there will be no more corrections with the release of Android 12, dozens of months of trouble in perspective.

    You are a pathetic company, to cry, to forget, which does not even assume a bad design of a product, or rather of several because there is now the Rog 5S which is so affected by Wifi HS.

    That's it, all is said, all you have to do is force the Android 12 shift for the table to be complete.


  • I agree with what you've said, the updates cause more issues than fixes. But, are you going to consider android 12? I believe you can downgrade too if it isn't a good update

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    No, not for the moment, I no longer believe in miracles and if Android 12 is usable it really would be one.

    Even trapping a simple and normal system error message like com.qti.service so as not to display it they are incapable of it and just that it ruins a game session for you

    I had put the device on sale but ASUS screwed up my sales with their update of .....................

    A first time with a Pokemon player or have realized that pokegenie and Calcy IV are no longer accessible if pokemon go is launched with Armory Create.

    For the following two buyers have noticed after 10min of session the same FPS drop as you 25-30, worse than on their 2 years old devices and than the ROG 3 of one

    I don't want to sell it for 30% of the new price, that's all it's worth with the current performance and don't want to lose the warranty by modifying Android now, I'm keeping it as is until July 2023, it's been 2 years since I stopped Android programming but that gives me time to get back into the swing of things.

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