My asus rog phone 3 have a black screen

johnmaw1333johnmaw1333 Level 1
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  1. System: android 10
  2. Battery or AC: 6000 mA
  3. Model: asus rog phone 3 tencent edition
  4. Detailed description: my phone's screen is black always its the 4rd time it becomes like this previosly it was turnig on after putting it on charge and restart it by (power button + volume down) but this time its not turning on and its red light blinking its charge is 100% because its still charging while on charge and coming sounds from it only the screen is black my brother had the same problem but with update it got fixed and mine not getting upates because its rom got changed from chinese rom to global rom and thats why updates will not come and this will not getting fixed please someone help me and give some advices


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