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I have an ROG phone II on AT&T, and as of March 1st I can no longer make any phone calls. I have the latest update installed, 18.0210.2201.211, which I had to do manually because the FOTA service never works properly. I know I can root my phone and use the workaround, but I'd prefer not backing up all my data to unlock the bootloader and root my phone. This phone came out October 2019, and I bought mine in March of 2020. Any guidance on if or when there will be official support? AT&T locks my SIM when I remove it now since it's not on the VoLTE list they have. My sim is from my iPhone 5s, around 2013, so that may also be an issue. Data still works perfectly fine.


  • iphone 5s is 3G phone

    You must talk once from ur sim card provider

    Or try to use same sim card in another phone which supports volte

    If that sim works then the problem may be from DEVICE SOFTWARE

    Everyone except tencent edition

    Have same GLOBAL ROM

    And Volte working in my phone since beginning

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    Since AT&T need to whitelist Rog Phone 2 first. There is nothing you can do. You have to buy new device instead.

    Even Asus updated modem to support it but AT&T doesn't add device to the list so it's pretty much game over.

    Same goes as Zenfone 6

  • I'll swap my sim, and if it's still not working I'll change providers instead. I don't like forced obsolescence, and I won't stand for it from any company

  • 4G data works fine on this sim, so I'm pretty certain I'll just need to swap to T-Mobile/Mint Mobile (since I just got a Mint sim and it works flawlessly)

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