DIY Replaced camera motor on Zenfone 7

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The flipping camera on my Zenfone 7 stopped flipping and was dangling like a disjointed arm. There was some motor whine when I push the controls, but it just wasn't moving.

Since I'm nowhere near a repair centre, I decided to give it a go at fixing it myself. Took the phone apart following some YouTube video, I See that the spindle on the motor is wobbly and loose, likely to be collision damage.

So I looked around on the net and managed to order a motor.

Accessing that motor is a little further work that I couldn't find on YouTube. Following some thread regarding the old Zenfone 6, disassembling the camera unit requires taking off the camera glass cover to access screws underneath. Then, the board containing the camera will need to be lifted to get to the motor. Connecting the motor cable also requires threading that cable through a hole on the aforementioned board. After all is said and done, i recalibrated the motor in settings and things are now working fine.

I've not seen any article on this motor repair and would just like to share for those who experience the same problem.



  • Awesome of you for sharing. I also found a video on Youtube (watch?v=ZUUZv-9FF64) that goes through the process. Not perfect, but can't expect much more without a repair manual.

    I had the cameras and glass replaced (from just a shattered lens) from an official ASUS repair center and the motor came back skipping steps and there's an obvious dent from prying the back lens. The entire process took over 3 weeks (+2 months waiting to be near a center). I travel a lot for work and cannot afford to go back, at least for now.

  • Thanks.

    Wish that I had found the video you referred to before I did the job. Interesting that the guy was able to do it without taking the phone apart.


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