Zenfone 8 - low battery notification light threshold

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Hello all,

I have observed that whenever the battery on my Zenfone 8 goes below 15%, the notification light will blink until I connect the charger.

Unfortunately, I could not find any option on how to decrease this threshold, so that I get the blinking notification on lower values (eg. 5%).

Is there a way to set this?


  • You must turn off notification led for charging and then you not receive red blinking below 15% battery... This is not good solution ... I want notification led active together while charging and missing calls or sms

  • mcl2k6mcl2k6 Level 1

    Yeah, this is what I would want to avoid.

    On my previous phone (Blackberry Key2) there was an option when to alert and put phone to lower consumption mode. The notification light would only trigger on this threshold. But maybe this would be an idea which Asus might consider.

    Another nice thing which I kinda miss from the Key2 is that when you were charging, there was a colored indicator on the edge of the screen, which showed the current battery percentage. While on low battery, it was red, then until 30-40% it was yellow, then green until it went to 100%. At this point it would disappear --> another idea to Asus? :)

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