zenfone6 dies after 2 years use

this is a very popular trouble in japan.

one day, zenfone 6 would not turn on nor confirm charging.

the only possible repair is to replace motherboards.

does similar thing happen In other area?


  • tepwutepwu Level 1

    Hi northerncrown,

    Unfortunately this seems to be a widespread issue with the Zenfone 6. My Zenfone 6 actually died a couple of months ago https://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/55831/phone-is-starting-to-die and I have seen others post about the same exact failure like the one I ran into from other countries as well. I'm really disappointed in Asus for making a faulty product without acknowledging it. I'm curious, how big of an issue is it for Zenfone 6 owners in Japan? Do you know many Zenfone 6 owners with the same issue? Would love to hear about it.

  • kk454347kk454347 Level 2

    Mine just died this weekend, hoping to see if I can send it in for repairs if the cost is worth it. Really liked the phone

  • Many Zenfone6 users in Japan posted sudden death approx. 2 years use. I visited several local repair shops and heard that all of these repair shop owners experienced this issue Inquiry. Unfortunately, they did not have good solution for permanent measurement. Similar reports appear in google search suggestion even just typing "zenfone 6".

    I also really like its performance. If the phone doesn't fail again after repair by ASUS genuine service factory, it's worth to pay. But it is unclear as we have no clear explanation.

  • mynordmynord Level 1

    Given the trends in the world stock market, it can be concluded that Zenfone6 will not return to Japan (

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