Zenfone 8 Calls Not Functioning

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I'm on AT&T. This month, my calls stopped working. If anyone tries to call me, it acts like the line is busy. If I try to call someone, it immediately hangs up.

Two on call with support with AT&T, a text chat with an ASUS support staff, nothing useful.

My friend 2 towns over is having the same issue with their Zen 8.

I have the 16/256 model from Playfone on Newegg

VoLTE and everything is enable, I have Data and Text.

IDK why I'm not seeing more people with this issue online. It's clearly not just me.

They are trying to get me to trade in, but I don't want to. This phone is perfect for me, and I want to do everything I can to keep it.



  • laci.karalaci.kara Level 2

    Did you read this?


  • Did you try reset network settings? Maybe it will work

  • Hi @demigirldemigod 

    We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing you! Can you please let me know what model your ZF8 is? Thank you.

  • cross1307cross1307 Level 1

    Yes, you're not the only one. My carrier is AT&T. Both Zenfone I have, Zenfone 8 and Zenfone 5Q can't make any call neither receive phone call today!

    Is there any solution we can work around it?

  • [Update] With further research, I solved the issue by turning on VoLTE on Zenfone 8. For Zenfone 5Q however, the feature of turning on VoLTE is blocked by AT&T. For some reason, AT&T decided to block the older (3 yrs old) phones, even though it's still working well.

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