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My experience seem to changes over nigh on a charge. Setting to app was working then few day it no longer recognized it. setimg up multiple emails account but it never get saved any have this issue?


  • Hi @Heavy Do you get any error message when you try to save the credentials?

  • HeavyHeavy Level 1

    No I don't but when I Access it it tell me that I'd and users are right just worng credntials. But when I'm in the recovery process then started to pick up my saved ID and pw that I saved. This happen every other few months.the most irritating happen to me if I completely set up my phone and it just asked to reset everything going back to adding all my accounts and settings.

  • HeavyHeavy Level 1

    I just get fedd up to the pont that notting is saved when I save username or apps with fully optimize set up it. Idk it just like another Pixel phone feels

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