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So I've had this ROG 5 for not even a year yet. Won't call or receive any.. texting is fine, getting on the internet is fine. I got a call at work about 11am, let it ring cuz I was busy. I tried to call back at 12pm(lunch time) but instant call ended. I can't even call my voicemail. I've looked up how to fix this issue but nothing was useful. But I figured what the hell I'll try it. So I factory reset the phone. And still same thing. I haven't messed with setting . This all happened randomly out of the blue.


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    Also. I swapped some cards to see if it was a SIM card thing, no it is not. The phone will not take calls still.

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    Nobody near me would be able to fix this phone. Also I'm getting no answers on here. So I'm just about done with asus forever at this point.

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    Yep I called customer support I'm pretty much SOL. I'm glad I spent 800$ on this phone to use for less than 6months.

    Never again asus. Your garbage.

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    Problem SOLVED. So who knew saving money meant this many problems. So I bought the tencent version. So for some reason it does not get automatic updates.... I performed a manual update from a download on asus website. Now it works. Nobody could figure this out. I had to dig myself. 3 days later I can call again.

    In the future. I may just spend the few extra hundred dollars and get the legit one from the actual website. I got mine on ebay..

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    🤣 good sense prevailing

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    The majority of official Rog 5 / 5 S buyers who paid top dollar might say "who knew spending so much money meant so much trouble", so you got a good deal on this one.

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