After newest firmware update, stock charger stopped working

kzmkzm Level 1
edited April 5 in ZenFone 8

I've installed newest firmware yesterday, and the stock ASUS charger with stock ASUS cable stopped working!

When I use the same charger with different cable OR different charger with the same cable - both works (but with "steady charging" only).

What is going on @Irene2_ASUS ?


  • Hi @kzm,

    1.Does the stock charger work with another device?

    2.Are you able to charge your device with a different charger?

    Also check your inbox for a Pm from me.

  • mr_deensmr_deens Level 2

    First time I heard... Asus screw themself big time if this really happened... New firmware charger not working... 1st time heard this

  • Chris1Chris1 Level 2

    That's a faulty charger, nothing else...

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