Zenfone 8 flip cannot send or receive calls. Instantly hangs up.

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My zenfone 8 flip's calls were working about a week ago before it stopped working. I made sure that all settings on my phone did not disrupt my calls. My messages and internet was working before I talked to at&t, my network provider, and they said they could not fix the problem with it. My phone was found to be an unknown device. Is there anything I or at&t is missing in order to fix my phone.


  • Maybe because 3g was shutdown? For this you have to buy a new phone. Or get Zenfone 8 instead. Because 8 flip wasn't sell officially and so there was no 4g call available.

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    I think it has to do with at&t not accepting Zenfone 8 flip. Mine was an international version bought on eBay. It had worked fine before but I read on at&t forums that because of president Biden's law of not allowing Huawei (and other Chinese) networking licenses that at&t has not allowed the flip.

    They used to sell older of Asus phones and they still support networking on that so maybe they had my phone's network on those networks as a temporarily quick fix. I might change to mint mobile to test if that works.

    Here a link that is recent to the discussion if it applies to my case.


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