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hi, i have encountered a problem after replacing a broken screen, using a used one from a donner device, the fingerprint scanner stopped working. initially i didn't see any errors or messages telling me that there is a problem, it just didn't register the fingers. after a couple of tries and one bootloader unlocked, it showed an error. putting it back in the original device made it work again. the difference between the devices is that one is 16/256 and the other is 8/128gb. i was wondering... is it possible that the fingerprint scanner locked to the screen/motherboard? changing cameras worked fine... so, at least i have the right to repair that thing... i called my nearest service center but i was not given a clear answer about a solution, i just understood that i need to send them the phone and wait for up to 45 days to get a diagnosis and a quote for repair. even though the price of a new screen is listed on asus parts website, this service center couldn't tell me the price... does anybody have any advice about what should i do? btw, checkout my xda developers question thread if you haven't seen it already


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