Zenfone 8 need new GPU Drivers

edited April 18 in ZenFone 8

Hi, good night!

I would like asus to change the GPU drivers version. I'm requesting this, due to the V530 version being "broken". The reflection of this is in the AetherSX2 emulator, when I try to render something in vulkan like the game "Black" it crashes, on my Galaxy Tab S7 (Drivers V502) it opens normally. Another notable problem is the game GTA San Andreas inside that same emulator, on my galaxy tab S7 it runs at 4x without bottlenecks or lag, on the zenfone 8 it causes a lot of bottlenecks (this I'm comparing a SoC that is much inferior to the present snapdragon 888, tab S7 uses 865+). In the eggns emulator I notice a lot of unusual glitch's in zelda breath of wild. Honestly, I don't know what qualcomm did in the V530 version, but I suggest Asus to change that version, as it's horrible for the user experience.


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