ROG 5 Joke performance even after the latest update .226



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    Unfortunately her firmware is different than ours she's at the latest firmware for the pro version which is .192 firmware

  • I see, I just checked the firmware page for the pro version and it looks like pro has a different firmware version than the normal ROG 5. So, she's not affected by this issue.

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    I see thanks for your explanation.. That's why I didn't notice any difference and have no complaints about performance so far 👍

    I don't live in a warm region like India or such so my cpu doesn't warm up that fast. Even after an hour on 2.84Ghz gaming it remains at about 45°

  • Hey bro, I just checked the firmware page again and its the ROG 5S Pro that use the .192 firmware version. Are you sure that she has the normal ROG Phone 5 Pro and not the ROG Phone 5S Pro?

  • If you only play low graphics games like PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile, etc and only play on medium settings than your phone won't heat up that much. I prefer to play games on the Highest settings possible.

    Try Playing Genshin Impact without the cooler on the highest settings and your temperature would easily go above 50C, but with the current firmware .226 you won't be able and go over 50C since they have downclocked the CPU and we are only getting half the performance now.

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    ??? I'm sure I said my cousin has the rog 5s pro bro 😅 read again my previous comment.

  • Yes, Sorry 😭 I thought you said 5 Pro but you did mention ROG 5 Ultimate in your comment. ROG 5 Ultimate has the same firmware version as normal ROG 5.

  • But Bro My temparature goes to almost 52 when played for 1.2 hours Genshine Impact in highest graphics.. you stated that after .226 temp never goes to 50.

    I will show my temp, but CPU clock is downgraded so much, as before I played 50-60 FPS all the time but now lowest FPS I noticed 27 is this some kind of Joke by Asus??

    Is this a Gaming Phone with this type of performance, my Poco F1 still having 40 FPS with High settings.

    Asus Looted use, not only performance for me, random restart is a big issue for me, their so called engineer checked several times still problem persists but they don't give me Replacement, Nice Joke.

    My wish is if this Shitphone lasted over just one more Year I will be relaxed then & throw this garbage away & never ever Asus Again..

  • That's because I am playing with the "Aeroactive Cooler" and a "Peltier Cooler". I never play games on my phone without the cooler and bypass charging.

    I will show my temp, but CPU clock is downgraded so much, as before I played 50-60 FPS all the time but now lowest FPS I noticed 27 is this some kind of Joke by Asus??

    This is what I had been saying. I use to play at constant 60 FPS and only drops to 40 FPS in a big fight when there are a 5 to 6 enemies at the same time.

    Now I am only getting 30 to 50 FPS while exploring and my FPS drops to 20 FPS in a big fight. Which is why I am so angry.

  • Yes that's the issue, now a new issue starts all of a sudden, before I faced random restart but now sometimes the phone is off automatically by itself need to press the power key to start the phone.

    Happened near about 2 times for me, before I faced random restart which phone restarts automatically but now it's on restarted it's off on its own 😂😂

    After that in battery graph shows a gap which you can see in screenshot

    A big thanks to Asus.. ✌️

  • @Sarkiri Hey, I recently RMAd my phone and got a new Mobo and after that the phone has not received any updates and is stuck with Version WW-18.0840.2106.86 last year's July build.

    Why dont you suggest me some games and scenarios to test so that we can build a proper comparison with the 226 version.

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    Do genshin impact max settings using X mod and let's see you're cpu clock speed during intense combat at 47c to 48c and attach the video here. Thanks.

  • Some devices not get current update .210 or.226.Its stuck on .86 only till now.that devices working good but after update rog5 series devices like 210 or 226 it's performance issue going there.

  • Sure, I'll give you the steps and what game to test.

    I will upload a video shortly and we'll both follow the same steps for fair comparison.

  • I have just tested Call of Duty Mobile and BGMI (PUBG version for India) with "Advanced Hardcore Tuning Profile" and it looks like the performance didn't downclock to 1.42GHz even above 53C and I was getting the full performance of 2.84GHz.

    It looks like Genshin Impact is the only game affected, even with "Advanced Hardcore Tuning Profile" my CPU clock would drop to 1.42GHz when the temperature reaches 42C.

    Thanks to a friend who mentioned his CPU clock didn't drop in other games above 50C that I was able to test more properly, since I bought this phone mainly to play Genshin Impact, so I was mostly testing these issues in Genshin Impact since the graphics is very intensive, it was very good for benchmarking.

    I also have an update regarding the System Modes like X-Mode, Dynamic, Ultra Durable and Advanced mode not working that I had mentioned in my previous comments and other topics, I would like to correct myself about what I previously said.

    The system modes like X-Mode, Dynamic and Advanced are now working or it was working before in .210 update. I just didn't bother to check it thoroughly.

    1 - X-Mode

    2 - Advanced Mode

    In the videos you can see the CPU clock speeds change when I activated X-Mode and Advanced mode but they have really "Downgraded" the performance of these modes so bad that they look like it's not working and only through "Advanced Hardcore Tuning" you can get the full performance like how it use to.

    You can see the CPU 4, 5 and 6 clocking between 710 - 840 MHz and CPU 8 at 844 MHz and when I activated X-Mode+ the clock speeds of CPU 4, 5, 6 and 7 all went to 1555 MHz (1.56GHz in Game Genie) when previously it never drops below 2.38GHz even above 55C when I activate X-Mode+.

    I have done the same test with Advanced Mode.

    With Thermal Limit, CPU, GPU and RAM set to all low.

    -CPU 4, 5, 6 and 7 clocking at 1324 - 1305 MHz ( 1.30GHz in Game Genie)

    With Thermal Limit, CPU, GPU and RAM set to all Medium.

    -CPU 4, 5, 6 clocking between 1440 - 1776 MHz.

    And CPU 7 at 1420 MHz (1.42GHz in Game Genie.)

    With Thermal Limit, CPU, GPU and RAM set to all High.

    -CPU 4, 5, 6 and 7 are all clocking at 1555 MHz (1.56GHz in Game Genie)

    It looks like Genshin Impact is the most affected as it is a very graphics intensive game and those clock speed are not enough for the game to run at 60 FPS.

    The "Advanced Hardcore Tuning Profiles" are still working for other games and you can play at the full performance 2.84GHz clock speed without downclocking to 1.42GHz even above 50+C.

    But this is not the case for Genshin Impact, It starts to thermal throttle at 42C and my CPU clock drops to 1.42GHz at 42C and above.

    Since I bought the ROG Phone 5 mostly to play Genshin Impact, I was not able to do the test more properly earlier as I mostly play Genshin Impact. I have now tested with CODM and BGMI and they are very smooth and doesn't downclock the CPU even above 55C with Advanced Hardcore Tuning Profile.

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    Thank you for posting this bro this really help me and the others , sadly I'm same as you the main reason I bought this phone because of the sole purpose of playing genshin impact..... Because on the early firmware of the phone even at 55c + the phone is still maintaining 2.38ghz which you can still play smoothly during intensive battle or demanding area... on the game The lowest fps you'll get is mostly around 40 fps your rarely see 30 fps......

    So basically genshin impact is the most affected by this new update.... Well that's a bummer 😞

    I also emailed asus regarding our concern: they replied immediately and they will do a diagnostic performance regarding genshin impact. I hope in the next update they will finally fix it... but still have my doubts 🤞

  • How to use advance hardcore tuning for BGMI & COD please tell me..

    As in X Mode & Advance I don't get the maximum performance.

    Please share step by step...

  • 1 - Download profiles from above link.

    2 - Open Armoury Crate.

    3 - Open Scenario Profile for CODM or BGMI.

    4 - Press the three dot on the top right corner.

    5 - Import Scenario Profile.

    6 - Apply.

    7 - Do the same for both games.

    Please note that these are very High Performance Profiles that I use with the Thermoelectric / Semiconductor (Peltier Cooler). If you don't use any kind of cooler and your temperature goes above 50C then please stop using the profile.

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