Armory crate two-way noise cancelling tab broken

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When I go to armory crate for my two-way noise cancelling it says that the software and drivers need to be updated. everything is updated. I see it running in the background, but it still says the error. Sometimes my update center redo my updates and have to reinstall. I don't know if this affects the ai noise cancelling.


  • Hi there,

    I would like to clarify that for now the two-way noise cancelling works?

    The issue is keeps asking you to update the software?

    Thank you

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    No it does not. It shows up for a input and out put from Asus utility. I can select the input and out put. They work like a normal mic and headphones. But does nothing to cancel the noise. I go to my audio mixer and task manager to make sure the ai denoise is running and it is. I check armory crate to see if the audio tab will show up with the noise cancelling control for low, medium, and high. But it still says pre-requisite update. Sometimes the armory crate update center will show an update but that I already installed. (I think it’s a bug).

    edit: (I determined that it’s a bug. When the driver bug happened in armory crate to install a update that I already installed. When this happens again I checked device manager and it still shows as the newest version. It’s just armory crate being buggy. But anyways I hope you fix this in the app because people could get frustrated if they don’t know if it’s a glitch. Thanks so much)

  • Hi there,

    What's your Armoury Crate version?

    Because there is one version released on 2/25, please update to latest version.

    ROG - Republic of Gamers|Global | For Those Who Dare (

    Thank you.

  • Look at the screen shot on the top?

  • Hi there,

    We are consulting related department for your issue.

    At the same time, please refer to below link find uninstall tool to uninstall your armoury crate.

    Then use installer to reinstall the armoury crate.

    And update drivers in update center.

    Armoury Crate - Support (

    Thank you.

  • Hello I reinstalled it and it still does not work. This is so confusing. I think I found the problem though. Armory crate is made of 3 major parts. If you look at task manager the background apps there is armory crate service, armory crate user session and armory crate. It appears the process user session is responsible on the update center. If I reset it it undo the recent update. There’s something wrong with the user session not saving the updates so making think it still needs the update.

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