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Gostaria de saber se vai ter a atualização do Android 11 para o zenfone 5z. Gosto muito dele, não queria ter que trocar de celular por falta de atualização da asus



  • Hi Thais Lima , We haven't received the updated news about Android 11 on Zenfone 5z. If there is updated news about Android 11 on Zenfone 5z, you will receive a notification on the update page of your Zenfone. Thank you.

  • I request considering the competative market ASUS should consider Zenfone 5z for Android 11 update.

    It is most sold flagship device for Asus all over globe and with no defects many users are still proud owners of Zenfone 5z.

    ASUS have killed Zenfone series for indian market i am zenfone user since 2015 and still hold a zenfone proudly but after Zenfone 6 ASUS have started killing trusted user hopes on zenfones i dont know why...? I want you to know ROG series is not everyones choice because zenfone and ROG are totally diffrent segments and what ASUS is doing in india is forcing users to go with a Gaming smartphone where sales for ASUS have hampered now and so i request ASUS to launch future Zenfone series in india atleast to become a dominant player in this competative market.

    For now it seems ASUS doesnt care about customer love towards there brand😔


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  • Asus doesn't care about customer satisfaction. You left us with a terrible final release. However, happy customers will come with just a little effort.

  • They came out with A 8 so I think the answer is,, don't hold your breath,, they have already received their two major OS updates. Time to go shopping

  • ArvieArvie Level 1

    Better to buy samsung devices, samsung has 4 years of major OS updates (who knows maybe after a year or 2, samsung will announce that their device will have 5 major OS updates to tie with apple devices "fingerscross" 🤞) and 5 years of security updates.

    Good thing that I didn't buy the zenfone 8, because I heard that it has so many issues.

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