Unable to create shortcuts for Mobile Manager on the homepage

LaurelLParasLaurelLParas Level 1
edited April 4 in ROG Phone 5


Anyone knows how to fix this? The shortcuts I created for Mobile Manager before disappeared and when I was trying to add them again on my homepage nothing happens.


  • rStarrStar Level 2

    Switch to classic theme,

    Clear storage/cache of Mobile Manager,

    check Preferences> Home Screen> Lock Home Screen is disabled

    Can you add other 2 shortcuts? Happens to me sometimes but not when i use classic theme.

  • @LaurelLParas I suggest you clear cache files system-wide and then reboot your device. Turn off developer options if you have them enabled and see if that makes a difference, should the first step not work.

    Settings -> Advanced -> Mobile manager -> Cleanup

  • The Firmware update fixed it.

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