I love my UX325

gabrio81gabrio81 Level 2
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Just wanted to post this, we always complain about stuff, battery not lasting enough, CPU throttle, etc etc but i also wanted to say something when there's a good product, and that's my Zenbook UX325.

Is it perfect? no it isn't but nothing ever is, even when you spend thousand €€€ on something there's always some small detail you're not happy about.

But overall i really love this tiny sturdy machine. I am throwing to it a very heavy crawl for my work now (web crawl) and it's really shining through... granted, i am giving him some extra help with a Coolpad underneath to keep it cool but i just did a 250.000 urls website crawl, what an amazing thing1

oh and not to mention once i badly dropped it from like half meter on HARD stones and the floor outdoors (spiky stones and cement). It's a bit scratched on the top now, but didn't miss a beat, so that Military grade certification is also well worth it.

thanks Asus for making an amazing machine and please keep developing these!


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