Icons and battery life

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This is probably a dumb question but that never stopped me asking before. Does having heaps of icons on the home screens use more battery like widgets do ?


  • It's not a dumb to ask questions 😊

    If these are not widgets, not active applications - no, they are not draining battery.

    I am not sure how it affects battery if you have a lot of screens, I mean, if you didn't sort all your apps into folders on one-two screens and have something like six screens. It should consume a little bit more RAM, but I think it's not significant at all.

  • Ok something is eating my battery lately,I mean it really sucks lately like the last week or so I don't know why

  • install Better battery stats app, it used to be free to DL from XDA if you were a member and it is really good at showing you what was eating your battery - you have to give it some more permissions via ADB though

  • Ok cool thanks I'll try it. I put a second Sim card in it about 3 weeks ago and I have been using the 5 G radio as well so I'm going to turn them off for today and see if they are the culprits . I'm pretty sure that for the first week or so with the second Sim and the 5 G radio the battery wasn't so bad but I am going to see how it goes today.

    One thing that I have noticed lately is when charging it ,it used to keep charging when it hits 100% according to accubattery, but now it doesn't so maybe I was over charging it before. Now I keep a close eye on it when charging and take it off when it hits 100% regardless

  • I put second SIM into my device a week ago and I don't see a higher battery drain so hopefully it will stay this way :) I have 5G disabled as there is still no good 5G coverage here and I'd only feel the disadvantages of the technology (higher power consumption) as I don't really need higher data transfer speeds etc

    because of the 2nd SIM in my phone I was checking battery life a little bit more than usual and I have set 90% battery charging limit and I was able to reach 6h+ SOT - indoors on WiFi and less gaming than usually but still quite nice result which surprised me but for example yesterday I only got a little bit over 4h

  • They are strange these z7,s . I know exactly what you mean, today my phone was back to normal but after thinking about it I have had the same issues before eg some days I get great battery life like two days of normal use for me then on other days with exactly the same use I get one day with still charge left in it but not enough to get another day without a top up. I have turned my 5 G radio Off today as we don't get enough even coverage in Melbourne Australia,I turn it on if I am in a good coverage area and I am downloading something. Back to my battery life, yesterday I got great life out of it again so I think that it's just the way they are,I suspect that I won't get the same result every charge though

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