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Hi, I have a problem. After switching to Android 12, when I listen to music through wired headphones with the same settings, the music is not as rich and full as on system 11. It's kind of flat, lacks bass. Has anyone noticed this? I think the sound is worse even when listening through the internal speakers.


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    Hi @ice601

    1.Do you notice it only while listening music? Or also during calls? Could you specify on which APPs?

    2.Do you experience the same with other headphone model? Or with this same headphones on another device?

  • I don't make calls with headphones.

    It happens on YouTube, or even on Poweramp - just everywhere the sound is more flat without bass. It's noticeable even through the phone's internal speakers. The headphones are KZ ZS5 and they sound fine on the Zenfone 5z.

    The sound got substantially worse after switching from the A11 to the A12. On the A11 I was that sound thrilled, beautiful, juicy, on the A12 I am disappointed.

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