Zenfone 8 (Android 12) Wifi and Hotspot Cannot Be Turned On

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I have been using Z8 since August 2021and upgraded to Android 12 in January 2022. Now I cannot turn on Wifi & Hotspot at all despite many restarts.

What is happening???? Please give a solution.


  • WeyWey Level 1

    @Titan_ASUS pls help

  • Hi @Wey ,

    If your wi-fi and hotspot are still unresponsive we recommend you to contact your nearest ASUS service center and have them take a look at it.

  • WeyWey Level 1

    update here. i have since sent to service centre and got my phone mobo replaced.

    the wifi & hotspot are working again but sadly i found that my back cover is slightly damaged. It must be caused by tools used to open the back cover.

    also, my screen protector was taken off which is understable but now i need to go through the trouble to get a new one again.

    im now very worried that the new mobo will become faulty again one day.

    i am now on A11 and i dare not upgrade to A12 at the moment.

  • Hi @Wey

    We have send a direct message for you. Could you provide us with your RMA number and back cover's photo through direct message? Thank you.

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