ROG 5 is NOT TURNING ON. Not a big deal right? This phone and problem came altogether to everyone.

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ROG 5
  2. Firmware Version: LATEST WW. 210
  3. Rooted or not: NOT
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: HALF AN HOUR AGO
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app)

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Its not even charging.

Earlier speaker became dead now the whole device. ₹50k phone is showing its true color?

I chose this as non-Chinese brand phone and now i regret my decision.

Plot: While recording a game in BGMI screen became unresponsive and when i tried to turn it off and on by pressing power button phone turned off completely. Plugged in to check that charging led is Working or not. NO Its NOT.

So my question is to you mods,

If i submit my device in service center they'll first try to turn it on and check whether the speaker is working or not. If not, then another spare part order will be placed. So i reckon Its gonna take 1 month or more to fix this?



  • These issues are definitely linked to the last update. Sadly, mods will again turn a blind eye.

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    Phone submitted. They said every ROG 5 owner will have to get main board replaced.

    On this center more than 100 guys came with no power/sim/hotspot/wifi working issue. Once they replaced motherboard none of them came back.

    For me one speaker is also not working, they said it might be related to faulty main board. Once device turns on we'll check that further.

    They also removed the tempered glass which i applied few days ago 🤦‍♂️, citing though panel is not getting replaced, phone won't register finger print.

  • Can a update ruin the hardware though?

    The more plausible scenario was the hardware was already faulty and was bound to break in affected units in any of the updates (hence the irregular pattern of phones dying on different firmware versions) some Zenfone 8 units had the same issue

  • Precisely. The first batch of rog 5 units were problematic.

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    Check this. He says its a brand new phone.

    Service center guy is right. One time repairing is mandatory. Main board failure is bound to happen.

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    Update :

    Received a call from service center that phone has been repaired and speaker test is OK.

    Wow repaired on same day. Going to receive it. @ExodusCODM

  • It was one possibility among others (identical to Xiaomi), 12 months later this single cause no longer holds water.

    A few users encountered the same problem again about 3 months after the 1st motherboard change.

    This problem continues to occur on Rog 5 purchased at the end of 2021, around 10 months after the launch.

    The much newer ROG 5S are having the same problem, there are a fair number of cases in Asia, only satisfication, the service centers seem to be doing a better and faster job when in India.

    There are other important problems, the loss of the SIM card and the fingerprint reader comes in 2nd position.

    The charging problems are not negligible either, more because of the users in my opinion (bad use at night without configuration for the cut)

    These Rog 5 and Rog 5 S phones are badly born, too fragile and overheating a lot

    Not including the fan as on the previous series certainly didn't help. Note that this fan is incredibly efficient, lol -5° is what I get where the competition is at least -10°

  • What about "dead speakers" issue? Is it a common case as well?

  • Yes, it's a recurring case but of different types, there was crackling, a robot voice, echo and poor quality, this was due to firmware and seems to have been fixed.

    There was and still is the case with the silent bottom speaker, I think a connection problem but without certainty, users don't come back to say if it's fixed or how, at least I don't. haven't read.

    The "No sound on both speakers" issue is fairly new and cases are on the rise, there have been a few older cases of speakers failing but different as there was no sound on startup, the speakers was dead, it doesn't seem like it now because there is sound on startup and everyone with .210 firmware is unaffected, so the cause is still unknown.

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    @rStar are you get extended warranty after replace mainboard ?

  • rStarrStar Level 2

    No i didn't.

    And I don't think I'll get.

    Phone users can't purchase warranty. What a shame!

  • @rStar

    Dude, if you are thinking replacing motherboard fixes the issues and no further problem then trust me, you are absolutely wrong.

    My phone's motherboard replaced twice and now the performance is so downgraded. You can check out my previous post and many others posted the same.

    I'm very scared that my phone warranty expires in next 2months and Asus is rolling out Android 12.!!

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    Oh this post really reIieved me.. I thought its game over for my phone. My ROG Phone 5 went black out just now. I purchased it last July 2021 (thank God, its still under warranty). I was playing my game when the notif for battery low appeared, so I charged it like I usually do. I afk for 5-10mins to get my deliveries and when I returned to check on my game the phone was hot and was shut down. I tried reopening it but after the animation finished it shut off again. When I tried it again, no response anymore and no light indicator of charging. The charging indicator only lights up when I try to press the power on and volume up/down buttons (was trying to do system recovery). I will visit the Asus service center tomorrow and have it check just like what you did. From this post, I think I have the same issue with the update and the motherboard. Hopefully it wont take a long time to be fixed or have an additional fees that I'll have to pay. This is really depressing tho as all my accts are linked in this phone ><

  • Not Just ROG 5, even ROG 3 and 2, and worst on our situation, most ROG3 and 2 users no longer has warranty, and guess what they are asking repair cost almost the same as the original phone's price.

  • Thanks for honest feedback. Hopefully, none of us will dare to buy another Asus product again ; at least mobile phones.

  • This motherboard issue for the past months after the last system updated is affecting everything. Same shorted motherboard problem, I suggest buying blackshark, I liked ASUS because of their experience in Zenfone and since ROG 1, they're on the business for long hoping they are more stable than the others, apparently its not that, I don't know if its intentional but Zenfone 8 and ROG 5 didn't sold well, just saying.

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