Multitouch Issue in BGMI

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Hi I just switched myself from IOS device to ROG 5 for BGMI Only but seems its still needs to refine for Gaming. If its for gaming then company needs to focus on gaming fundamentals. SD888 doesn't count on if phone doesn't identify how many flingers touching its screen. I play claw with gyro in BGMI most of the time scope starts flickering (On/Off) in the middle of firing. I can scope and fire on running it starts flickering. I have noticed one thing whenever i use 4 fingers at a time it happens. Is ROG 5 for 2 thump players??? I tried all methods shown in youtube and still searching for Fix. Pls help!!



    • Open the calculator app
    • Input .12345+=
    • This will open SMMI test, go to "Single test"
    • Perform the "MultiTouch Test" and play around with the 4-finger claw grip

    Let me know if you notice any strange behavior while playing around with SMMI and we'll take it from there.

  • It says all good but when m using light finger it flickers in upper areas thumb areas are fine with light touch or heavy touch.

  • @GORKHAFEAR007 Thanks for getting back to me. Are you using any kind of screen protector?

  • facing same issue with or without temper. Is there any option to get it replaced?? Its hardly around 2 months and M fed up with the problem. I tried reset device and reinstalling game, repairing game everything!!!

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    It's there in all rog phone mate. I have also same problem.

    You need to switch to 3 fingers.

  • It took me 5 months to get comfortable in 4 fingers lol. Its stable now with new update/Gloves mode off/third layout/ screenshot off/Try this

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