POLL: Does anyone WANT a screenshot watermark?

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To recap:

The most recent update (18.0410.2201.192) introduced a new "feature" that wasn't specified in the patch notes: it would automatically add an ROG watermark to screenshots of games added in Game Genie.

Gustav closed the thread stating that an option to disable this would be added with the next system update.

But my question is this: would anyone leave the watermark enabled?

This is merely my opinion here (and I'm interested in seeing what others think), but I think this was a dumb thing to add in the first place. It shouldn't be an option to enable/disable; it should just be completely removed. I don't see any point for the watermark as it just obstructs screenshots I'm trying to take. But hey, maybe some of you disagree and want to keep it. Hence why I'm looking for some community input.

And I'll be completely frank here: I love the ROG Phone 3. I know it's not perfect, and I will sometimes defend ASUS against complainers (notably regarding the color banding/black crush issue, since that isn't entirely within their control), but this is something they've severely disappointed me with. It wasn't something they needed to add, and they did it anyway.



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