Asus TUF FX506LI Nvidia GTX 1650TI VBios

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Can someone with the same laptop as above please export a copy of your GPU vBios rom and send it to me, I have done a Firmware Update (Through Armory Crate) and it seemed to have bricked my GPU) Asus Support is not being helpful at all and refuse to send it to me, due to where I work, I am not able to send the laptop in for an RMA before the warranty expires, which is why I am relying on the community to assist. Please if anyone with an Asus TUF FX506LI with the attached GPU-Z specs is will to help me, i would really appreciate it!



  • Hi there,

    I would suggest send the unit to service center to fully inspect the laptop.

    May I know the reason you could not send in before the warranty expires?

    Thank you.

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