Mobile Manager Cleanup - Uncheck 'Uninstall rarely used apps'

Amir DaganAmir Dagan Level 1
edited March 23 in ZenFone 8

Settings - Advanced - Mobile Manager - Cleanup - Uninstall rarely used apps

Does anyone knnow how to uncheck this option (see attachment)?

Apps are unistalled automatically from my phone and I can't control or track it...


  • Hi @Amir Dagan

    1.Please confirm your current firmware version

    2.Once you are in Cleanup are you able to click on "Uninstall rarely used apps" and share a screenshot of that?

    3.Do you have all apps there ticked by default?

  • rStarrStar Level 2

    Same here in ROG 5,

    But not a single app was uninstalled.

    Have you recently reset your phone? I have, so it may be because of that. May be 'rarely used app data' is not available to phone yet.

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