Gamers, is it ok to upgrade to Android 11?

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Hello All,

Recently saw many posts regarding frame rate drop while gaming after upgrading to Android 11. I received update notification for Android from FOTAService. Is it ok to upgrade to 11? Just looking for a smoother gaming experience.


  • SwarajSwaraj Level 3

    A11 is better than A10 but idk if they made permanent changes to armoury crate in A11 bcuz it doesnt lock cpu at 2.97 if we select it. The game genie always displays 825mhz cpu and sometimes rises up and again falls back to 825mhz.

    Rest of all besides that is butter smooth.

  • I've been using my ROG 2 for more than 2 years now, so i'll give you my honest opinion on this, because as a hardcore gamer I am very happy so far with it.

    I am using the last Android 9 firmware update. I downgraded from Android 10 because of lower battery life compared to A9. Also, in these 2 years I have played multiple graphics intensive games like PUBG Mobile, Call Of Duty Mobile, Genshin Impact etc, and I haven't experienced framedrops even once. The phone performs in it's full glory and battery life has also been good considering 2 years of wear and tear.

    I know you have asked you about A11 and all this might seem totally opinionated, but believe me my friend, if you are a hardcore gamer like me, latest A9 is best for gaming.

    I suggest you give this a try, rest is upto you my friend. Hope this helps you make your decision.👍🏽😄

  • Thanks @Swaraj and @milan.hawk for your opinion. I will definitely give it a try.

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    If you play demanding games/emulators. Stick to A9/A10. If not, A11 would be fine.

    A9 had the great Frame rate doubling bug and A10 actually locks your Clock rates to max. Both of which are gone now.

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