FA506QM processor thermal throttling

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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Model: FA506QM
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Allways on high load
  5. Reset OS: No, clean install last mounth
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:

I test my cpu performance and I realised that I propably have problem with thermal throttling.

In review of this laptop with similar specs I found that in CPU-Z stres test it can have close 4000MHz frequency, consume 76W power and got 96 celcius temperatures.

My laptop in the same test has close 3520MHz frequency, consume 51W power and got 96 celcius temperature. The test was in Turbo mode. In Performance mode processor consume 48W power with 93 celcius temperatures.

What is more my Cinebench R20 result is 4527 when in article they have 5053.

The laptop sets the fans to high speed quickly, even at low load on Performance mode.

There is no problem with GPU It works well and can works with 95W of power and 75 celcius tepmerature.

In my opinion the problem is with thermal paste on CPU. Dedicated gpu has 53 celcius when cpu has 96 celcius after 10 min of stress test. It is really big difference of temperatures.

All my test were made few minutes after restart and before them my cpu usage was 0 - 3%. Temperatures were get from HWMonitor. Dedicated gpu wasn't turned off. Laptop was stand on KRUX Laptop Stand cooling pad. I try to clean my laptop with compressed aur but no difference.

What can I do with this problem. There is sticker on laptop cooling system screw, so I can not replace thermal paste without damage sticker and void the warranty.

Link to article: www.komputerswiat.pl/recenzje/sprzet/laptopy/test-asus-tuf-gaming-a15-2021-wydajny-i-bardzo-oplacalny-laptop-dla-graczy/sx1klx7#asus-tuf-gaming-a15-2021-taktowanie-temperatury-i-stabilnosc-dzialania


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