Activate/Deactivate XG Mobile from Armory Crate

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Detailed description:

Add a button to Activate/Deactivate XG Mobile from Armory Crate top bar

Now I need to click by mouse on System Tray expander, then on GPU Switch Tray Icon, Then press button in the opened GPU Switch Dialog.

I propose to add a button on the screen above that will have the text `Activate XG Mobile` or `Deactivate GX Mobile` (or appropriate icon) depending on the state and will start the process immediately (only opening warning dialog if necessary).

This way it will only take me 2 steps:

  1. press a hardware key Armory Crate on my laptop
  2. tap with a finger on that button in the Armory Crate app

This will highly improve the UX


  • Hi there,

    We will forward your idea to related department for the future improvement.

    Thanks for your suggestion.

  • Also, there is an issue that the current UI is custom drawn and does not support a focus. So I must use only a pointer but not a keyboard.

    I would suggest rewriting it using WinUI 3 window and standard templated controls as long as you support Windows 10/11 only.

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    I mean this window

  • Hi there,

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    We will also forward this to the related department to further check for the UI improvement.

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