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Hi Guys,

every Reinstallation of the phone I have following two permissions which I can't explain if they are even needed:

- CarrierDefaultApp

- com.qualcomm.qti.devicestatisticservice

I can refuse them if I want, but if I just restart my phone this two permissions keeps coming back.

Is this a normal behaviour, because I also know in the past they stood away if I refuse them.

Can anyone explain them to me or better also check if they are coming back when you refuse them too and restart your phone?


  • @Helo ;PuweY I've asked for clarification on what these apps actually do, and if they can be refused without messing with important functions.

  • Thanks Gustav, like mentioned in another post after multiple re-installations of my phone there were some Installation, when I denied this two permissions, my phone set them back on after a normal Restart. But now after my latest Re-Installation of the Phone ( also a few Reinstallations in the past ) I can deny them and they stay denied, even after a Restart. It was weird, but I still would like to know why this two Permissions, even if they should be on, why aren't they listed as hidden system permissions?

  • Thank you. It was just weird, because I mentioned it on another post, I Re-Installed my phone for a few times the last few days and this two permissions were always on. By checking them, they even didn't anything in the background and on some of the few re-installations I could deny them and after a Phone restart they just appeared back on.

    Now after my 8th or 9th Re-Installations ( like I also knew it on some past Re-Installations too ) I can deny their permission again, but I'm just wondering why they're on and if they are needable, why aren't they hidden like other System App Permissions? Because they also just showing up if you look at you complete app list if you also list all hidden apps. I found it a little bit weird, that's why I'm asking.

    Again, thanks in advanced for the next response Gustav. Looking forward to hear from you. I just like my Phone really clearly installed and moved through ALL tiny settings and also checked if after a few Re-Installations everything stays like I'm used to know it by myself.

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