Asus Rog phone 5 12/128 tencent gamers

FerumFerum Level 1
edited January 17 in ROG Phone 5

Please tell me if there is a new announcement on my phon Asus Rog phone 5 12/128


  • @Ferum You are running old firmware from April 2021. Since you have a Tencent device that has been flashed with global firmware, you will not receive automatic updates, as it's an unsupported configuration not sold by ASUS.

    You can update the firmware manually using our support website for ROG Phone 5, but you will most likely encounter other issues with your device down the line. We recommend that you contact your reseller if your device is not working properly.

  • FerumFerum Level 1

    it turned out to flash manually, everything works fine, only one problem still remains, I don’t receive notifications from telegrams and YouTube, although I turned on all the checkboxes, what should I do

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    Ensure you don't have super clean switched on, ensure battery optimization is turned off for the said apps.

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