Getting product already registered error

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  1. System: Laptop Asus Tuf
  2. Battery or AC:
  3. Model:
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Everytim
  5. Reset OS:
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Detailed description:

I have created a new account and trying to register the account for warranty and stuff but getting error - Product already registered. Can you guys please help me with it.


Dhawan Gupta.


  • Hi Dhawan, Maybe I can help. If you registered your products you should have received an email for confirmation. If that is the case then your products are registered. Also if you have got this far to login and post here then you should be all set. I suggest heading to the main Asus page and clicking support. Then head in the direction of (MyAsus) which is where you should always head to get to where you can handle your individual settings/account with Asus. Keep in mind that you should bookmark pages when you identify what web pages get you to the proper places that way you can return to the exact page. Hope this helps you!

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