Zenbook UX331UN Fingerprint Sensor not Working

  1. System: 64-bit Windows 11 Home 21H2 22000.434 (It is not a temporary win11 problem though. It happened ages ago when I was still on win10 and persisted trough multiple updates)
  2. Model: Zenbook UX331UN
  3. Fingerprint Sensor: Goodix Fingerprint SPI; driver vesrion:


Detailed description:My goodix fingerprint sensor is not working for a long time now (some update caused it ages ago and I was never able to recover). It is unlike other similar issue I find online, because the device seems to be working fine, based on device manager and the windows hello login setup. I can set-up the fingerprint in Settings -> Accounts -> Sign-in Options (which means windows sees the fingerprint sensor as operational), but when it asks me to scan the fingerprint, nothing is happening (no input is being passed I guess).

Any Ideas?


  • Hi there,

    When you are trying to log in by scanning the fingerprint, what kind of error message did you get?

    Wrong fingerprint? or no fingerprint detected?

    Thank you.

  • I don't have a setup fingerprint, so I can't use it to log-in (no error). Also when trying to set up I get no error, it just doesn't register the finger so nothing happens.

  • Hi there,

    So it is more like the finger can not be detected?

    Have you tried to update BIOS or load BIOS default setting again?

    Thank you.

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