Battery Discharging Drastically in Ideal Mode

Dear Asus & All Moderators,

This device is buggy all the time, already changed main board twice due to Wifi & Charging problem, now a days charging gone down drastically specially when device is in ideal mode..

Overnight device discharges 10-15% regularly, i don't think this is normal for this type of Flagship device!

Please tell me one thing, how may more problems with this phone, Asus did wrong thing that they release this type of shitty/Buggy device, My first Asus in Life also definately the last Asus Phone in my Life..

All Mods & Dev's are sleeping whole the time, not doing anything that we complained, every time update comes written best Charging Experience, My foot, don't think this device battery capacity is 6000 MAH look like 3500 MAH..

Even if I am not doing anything battery Discharging Drastically every now & then. Also having random restart problem, Sometimes Volte not showing, lots of problems in this device..

Requesting All that in coming update please consider this issue most cause battery Discharging almost 20% in 1 hours on ideal mode this is not normal at all..

Please check the attachment for my battery Graph..


  • Hi,

    If you are facing random restarts the battery graph won't show accurate results. Please do few steps and share the entire thing here:

    1. Update your phone to the latest firmware, please mention the firmware version
    2. Charge your phone to 100% take a screenshot, take a screenshot when battery reaches 10%. Make sure there is no charging done in between to ascertain the graph
    3. As you mentioned your phone has been recently serviced and still you face random restart then please visit service center again and share me the RMA no so that I can check with service team.
  • Why Asus not giving me my Replacement of This faulty unit? Please tell me how many more times I have to go to that Worse Service centre???? It's only 6 months old & i am suffering indeed..

    Can you Please help me to replace this faulty Unit? As service centre told me that they don't have that authority for refund! Is it true? I don't think so, cause many users posted that SC refund their money!

    Help me atleast Extend my warranty cause after 1 Year Asus will charge me for anything..

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