My ZenFone 7 Pro finally died.

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Well if this isn't the straw that broke the camel's back, my ZF7P finally died. Was about to go a normal journey but instead of plugging the phone into my car's USB for Android Auto first, I opened Google Maps on the phone instead to input the address and set the course. Then I plugged it in and my car's stereo did its usual thing and switch to the AA interface (I've done it in this order plenty of times before). The Google navigation screen came on, I saw my phone's screen detect the connection, and then it suddenly turned off. And yep, that's it. The interface switched out of AA. No power, no response, LED doesn't turn on anymore if I connect it to a charger. Kaput!

I've tried holding volume up + power for 30s, volume down + power for 30s, volume up + volume down + power for 30s. Connecting to laptop = nothing.

What a nice brick. It's rather ironic that it has died in a similar way to how my brand new ZenFone 6 did. It upgraded OTA to the latest firmware, restarted once, I transferred my sms and data, turned off the phone to insert my SIM and that was it. Couldn't turn it on anymore but the LED was still receiving power and it was getting detected on the laptop. I couldn't fix it through ADB though. At least I got a full refund for that. This one, $$$$ down the drain.

And ahhh my data. Got no backup :(

Anybody want a free brick? If you think you can fix it by opening it up or whatever, message me and it's yours.


  • Some things never change. My ZF2 had two motherboard replacements under warranty. ZF8 users have ramdump. Now this.

  • Seems like the trigger could be a bad management for the input voltage values and maybe something was toasted - but in conjunction with the software control there should or could be a circuit breakers that didn't his purpose. Anyways, it is scaring, almost to not take any update from now on. I am on .143 and fortunately everything is good so far. Feeling bad though for your unfortunate brick event. Asus should clarify this somehow for the rest of us and especially for you.

  • Pretty much. Also doesnt matter what update you're on, it's behaving the same when it comes to power management

  • @CVonC If you're serious I'd like to take it of your hands then. Maybe I can do a teardown and figoure out why it exacly died.

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